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Graduate school

※ The information below is subject to change by semester.
    Please refer to the admissions guidelines for that semester for accurate information.

Freshman Scholarships


※ Scholarship will be awarded to the international students who maintain GPA over 85/100 each semester during his/her full-time registration.

※ If students submit higher grade in language scores after entering the university, a higher scholarship will be awarded from the next semester

   after submitting the new language score.

※ Countries where use English as their mother tongue language : South Africa, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, UK, Canada, Australia

Other On-campus Scholarships


※ Students are allowed to receive other on-campus scholarships with international students scholarship, but the total of all scholarships cannot

   exceed the total amount of tuition

※ Details of scholarships are subject to change. Please contact the department for more information

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