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Payment and Refund Policy

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Tuition Fee (per semester)

Tuition Fee (D-4 visa applicants

Screening Fee

1,200,000 KRW

2,400,000 KRW

50,000 KRW


one quaters


two quaters

  • Applicants who want to acquire D-4 visa must apply at least two quaters.

  • Please contact the office beforehand, since the applicable semester may vary based on nationality or type     of visa.

    • Apply for two quaters : The United States, Japan, Taiwan, China, France and Australia

    • Apply for four quaters : Russia, Mongolia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia

  • Screening fee must be paid together with the application

  • Textbook fee (50,000 KRW) to be paid separately (more information will be available after admission).

Payment Method

  • Remit the tuition fee with the applicant’s name

        (Invoice and information package will be delivered after the screening)

  • Applicants will be responsible for exchange rate fee charges.

        (Applicants will pay the difference after admissions).

Refund Policy

  • An applicant who wants to withdraw the enrollment must submit the refund request form to Language Education Center.

  • Fees will be refunded under the conditions listed below. The dormitory fee will be prorated according to admissions date, and other miscellaneous charges will not be refunded

  • The Immigration Center will be notified about applicants who cancel admissions after obtaining their visa, and their visa will be automatically canceled.

  • Conditions for refund

  When Visa has been denied/none of the appropriate classes are available
Full Refund
Full Refund
2/3 of total tuition
1/2 of total tuition
No Refund
  Before the beginning of the class
  Before 1/3 of the total class hours have been taken
  After 1/3 of the total class hours have been taken
  After 1/2 of the total class hours have been taken
  • Required Documents: Refund request form, a copy of bankbook, a certificate of admission

        (if visa has not yet been obtained)

  • Further process will be under the rules and regulations of Language Education Center.

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