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Beginner 1

⦁ Korean alphabet, pronunciation, basic vocabulary and grammar

⦁ Basic phrases needed for various informal and personal situations (such conversations with family or other routine situations)


Beginner 2

⦁ Various grammar elements including auxiliary verbs as well as causative and passive verbs; idioms, abstract and everyday expressions

⦁ Korean cultural aspects such as legends, myths, holidays, etc.


Intermediate 1

⦁ Korean society (economy, politics, etc.) and business language and knowledge

⦁ Formal expressions for various situations


Intermediate 2

⦁ Natural communication and the understanding of the Korean way of thinking through idiomatic expressions, proverbs, etc.

⦁ Understanding the full range of Korean culture (culture, sports, entertainment, and etc.)


Advanced 1

⦁ Forming new sentences through the understanding of various changes in vocabulary and speech.

⦁ Understanding the news articles and preparation for graduate and undergraduate courses


Advanced 2

⦁ Practice discussions and debates, and improve vocabulary through the practice of using unique expressions.

⦁ Practice professional research of various topics and the writing of reports.

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