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Inbound Programs

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A program in which students from sister universities study at Dong-A University under the agreement.


Application Procedures

1. Application procedure
  - All application documents must be submitted before the deadline. Documents can be sent by email       with PDF files as we do not need original copies.

2. Required documents for application 
  a. Application form(with a photo attached) (pdf)
  b. Certification of Enrollment (pdf)
  c. Certification of Transcript (pdf)
  d. A photocopy of passport (pdf)
  e. Korean language application(pdf)
  f. Proof of English Proficiency for those whose first language is not English
     (TOEIC 700 or above, TOEFL iBT 70 or above, IELTS 5.5 or above)
  g. 1 Photo(jpg)
  h. Certificate of Insurance(pdf)
       * for those who get insurance in his/her own country
   i. Certificate of health including Tuberculosis(pdf)
       * Inspections for Tuberculosis must be done in hospitals appointed by hospitals in provinces appointed by the Korean embassy 

         (For the appointed hospitals, please refer to the attachments)

3. Deadline for application 
  - for Fall/1st Semester: May 20th 
  - for Spring/2nd Semester: Dec. 1st


 4. Suggested length of study for exchange 
  - One Semester


5. Number of exchange students allowed(Semester or Yearly) 
  - According to agreement


6. Suggested level of language proficiency for exchange program
  - None

7. Estimated time to deliver acceptance letter
  - Fall/1st Semester: June 30th
  - Spring/2nd Semester: Dec 30th


8. Procedure of applying for student visa
  - Acceptance letter can be used as a supporting document for your visa and you can take it to the nearest Korean Embassy.

Course Information

1. Course list(if online list is unavailable, please mail coordinator)
2. Do you offer English-Taught Courses? List available?
   - Refer to attached file

3. Any limitation or suggestion on course selection?
   - A certain level of Korean Language Proficiency is required for the better course selections.
4. Preliminary language training classes provided?
 - (For exchange students, Korean language is optional)
5. Necessary to pay for preliminary language training class?
  - Free for Exchange Students (4hours/a day, from Monday to Friday), 20 credits


   - Scholarship will be offered according to the agreement signed with partner university



1. Type of accommodation offered?
  - Two students in one room
2. Fees of on-campus dormitory
  - Seunghak Campus [(amount for a semester(4 months))
  - Male students(New dorm) : Approx. $800 USD/semester
  - Female students(Old dorm) : Approx. $700 USD/semester

3. Off-campus housing assistance is provided?
- Yes, but limited. We strongly recommend to live on-campus if you are new incoming student
4. Maximum beds offered to every partner school?
  - Yes
5. Any limitation or suggestion on accommodation?
  - Dormitory is allocated by Office of International Affairs

Expenses(in local currency)
1. Insurance
  - Students will have to get an insurance in his/her own country or get an insurance once he/she arrives South Korea

     (1semester: 80,000KW, about $70, 1year : 130,000KW, about $110)
 2. Meal
  - 3,500KW/lunch in university
    (1semester: 80,000KW, about $70, 1year : 130,000KW, about $110)

 3. Public Transport
  - 60,000KW/month(estimated)


List of Universities(Inbound)


Contact Information


Exchange program coordinators

Mr. Wonho Lee

     Email :

    [Non-Chinese and Japanese regions]
     Mr. Brian Kay

     Email :

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