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About the O.I.A

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The International Affairs provides an overall one-stop service for international students starting from admissions to graduation. When studying abroad and trying to adjust to a new environment where you face language barriers, you can run into various unforeseen issues. The International Affairs strives to help international students enjoy a safe student life while studying abroad.

Please do not hesitate to visit the International Affairs center at any time.


We sincerely welcome you to Dong A University.

Organizational Structure and Responsibilities


International Exchange Team

  • Establishes Cooperation Agreements with Foreign Universities.

  • Welcomes faculty or staff members from universities abroad.

  • Promotes student international exchange programs.

  • Attracts and plans out programs for foreign international students.

International Support Team

  • International Student Admissions (Korean Language course, undergraduate, graduate school)

  • International Student Visa and Stay Management.

  • International Student Dormitory Management

  • International Student Management and Various Related Tasks

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