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Application Procedure

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 - Completion of high school education or its equivalent.

Required Documents

 - All documents must be either mailed or through direct visit with original copies.

1. Common Documents (Required for both visa holders and non-holders)

 Documents                                                                             Note

A completed application form

A copy of the student’s certificate of graduation

A copy of passport and alien registration card

2 photos (3cmX4cm) – visa holders
5 photos (3cmX4cm) – non-holders

  Need to verify education

  only for visa holders

  Background color must be white

Screening fee 50,000KRW


2. Additional Documents (required for those who live overseas)

 1) Study plan (Click here)

 2) Bank statement (verifying a balance of over 10,000 USD)

 3) A certificate of parent’s employment and income

 4) Certificate of family relationship

 5) A copy of citizenship certificates of parents and applicants (verifying foreign nationality)

 6) School transcript (Written in Korean or English, Apostille or Korean Embassy certified)

  • All documents must be written in Korean or English. Documents in any other languages must have a notarized translation attached.

  • Additional documents may be requested.


Application Procedure

1. Submit the required document                                                             Student -> University

3. Payment                                                                                                       Student

4. Issuing of admission letter and other documents                           University

5. Visa application (Korean embassy)                                                      Student

6. Entry & level test                                                                                       Student

7. Opening of classes and placement tests                                            Student

2. Screening, Interview, notice of admissions, Issuing of invoice   University -> Student

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