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Grading, Activities, Special Course

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Midterm                                  Final                                    Assignments                                   Total


Criteria for


Grade of 70 points or higher and at least an 80% attendance rate.

(Both requirements must be fulfilled in order to progress to the next level.)

※ If your attendance rate is lower than 60%, you will be unable to attend a class for the next semester.

100% (Two tardies = 1 absence)

Total attended hours will be converted to the percentage


45 points

45 points

10 points

100 points

Special Activities


1. Contests:

    Korean speech contest, Korean writing Contest, K-pop festival, sports competition, Korean quiz contest

2. Cultural Activities:

    Cooking Korean dishes, field trip, traditional cultural event, International Day, Global Mentor event

3. Other:

    Participation in various festivals held at Dong-A University and at local communities

Academic Test Preparation Class (TOPIK)


Number of Sessions






Student Capacity


Tuition Fee


How to apply


Documents Required

  3 to 4 weeks before the test date
  2 sessions per weeks (3 hours per day)
  3 hours × 8 times = 24 hours
  Practice tests for the Intermediate & Advanced Korean language test
  Within 15 students
  144,000 KRW per semester ※ 50% discount to enrolled students
  Visit the office and submit the original requirements
  Application form, a copy of passport (with the visa stamp)
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