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D-4 (Language Course student visa)


1. Applicants: a student who wants to enroll for a period of 6 months or longer


2. Where to Apply: Overseas Korean embassy or consulate office


3. Required Documents   

  •  Visa issuance application, a copy of passport, photo, visa issuance fee

  •  School documents (school will send documents after a student transfers the tuition fee):

  •  Admission  letter by Dong-A university, a confirmation letter of tuition fee, etc. 

  •  A graduation certificate of the most recently attended school

  •  A financial statement (verifying a balance of more than USD 18,000)

  •  A certificate of parent’s employment and income

  •  TB Test Certificate

  •  Family Relations Proof Documents

      ex)  China : 户口本 or 亲属关系证明 notorization, Philippines: Family Census, Indonesia : KARTU KELUARGA, Vietnam : So Ho                        Khau or Giay Khai Sinh, Pakistan : Family Certificate


    ※ These are the basic requirements for applying for the visa. Conditions may vary depending on the country,  so please check with           the Korean embassies in your country before applying for the visa.

    ※ Documents submitted to the university will not be returned, so please prepare separate documents  if applying from your own               country.



Short-term Visa (C-3)

 1.  Applicant: those who wish to stay in Korea for less than 90 days

 2.  Where to Apply: Overseas Korean embassy or consulate office

 3.  C3 visa holders can take the language course, but he/she cannot apply for alien registration and has to leave Korea after 90 days

 4.  C-3-9 visa holders cannot change his/her visa to D-4.


Other types of visa

Please check individually at the Immigration Center


Information about Immigration Office

 1.  Duties: Issuing alien registration card, extension of length of stay, change in types of visa, change in address, reports and                                     declarations and etc.

 2.  Phone number: representative number (without area code) 1345 / general civil service center 051-461-3120~6

 3. Directions: Subway - line number 1 (Orange line), Busan station exit number 2 or Joongang station exit number 14, first floor of                                  the Korean Air building (Joongang-dong).

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