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Schools Facilities

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1. Library

-   Library accessible through student ID card

-   There are over 1 million books, 730 different types of academic magazines, and 68,000 non-book materials (rentals unavailable.)


2. Global Zone

-   A place where Korean and Foreign students can meet up and freely communicate.

     (Located in Hadan and Bumin campuses.)

-   Students can watch international news and dramas (soap operas), and read English newspapers and  books

-   Students can visit and join various ongoing events


3. Gym

-   Located in the basement of Gukjegwan (Bumin Campus), free for students

-   TComposed of running machines, weights and various sporting machines and instruments.


4. Shuttle Bus

-   Free shuttle bus available for each campus

-   However, the shuttle buses do not operate during the undergraduate vacation period

     (June~August / December~February), weekends, and holidays


5. Prayer Room

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