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Notification of Preliminary Admission IBM English Track for Undergraduates, 2024 Spring

Notification of Preliminary Admission

IBM English Track for Undergraduates, 2024 Spring


■ Notification of Preliminary Admission

Thank you very much for your application to our university!

Applicant can check admission result by downloading the excel attachment and input your admission number as below.

2024 Spring Notification of Admission - IBM English Track for Undergraduates_배부용
Download XLS • 134KB

1. Download and open the file above ↑

2. Submit your Application Number ex)A123456 (Starting with A)

3. Check your status

 - Successful Candidate or Unsuccessful Candidate or Failed Candidate


■ Hardcopy Document Submission

For your final admission announcement on Dec. 18, preliminary successful candidate must submit the Hardcopy documents within deadline.


1. Deadline: 2023.12.15.(Fri) 14:00 (Korean time based)

2. Please check the documents list in admission guideline No.5

3. For the confirmation of registration status, please let me know your admission enrollment confirmation to by Dec. 13(Wed)

*As for the applicant from the Agency, please contact to the agency directly.

※ If you don't submit the all required hardcopy documents within the deadline, your admission will be revoked.

※ If your document delivery would be late, please share the postal number with the provements image file

※ You have to prepare the visa issuance’ documents for Korea embassy apart from the admission documents in advance.

■ Final Admission Announcement

: 2023.12.18.(MON)

■ Tuition Fee Payment

Announcement of Tuition Fee Payment will be announced separately for whom submitted the hardcopy documents within deadline.


1. Period: 2023.12.20.(Wed) ~ 12.21.(Thur), 09:00~16:00

*Transfer Korea bank to Korea bank or Payment in person only

2. For whom required ‘overseas remittance’ must contact in advance(by Dec. 13) for handling the invoice to (Overseas remittance takes more than 3 days normally)

*For applicants of agency, please get your overseas remittance invoice from your agency. We will send your overseas remittance invoice to your agency

※ If you don't pay the tuition fee during the above period, your admission will be revoked.


■ Visa Document

1. University will issue the certificate of admission in order for the visa process for whom submitted the hardcopy documents and payment of tuition fee.

2. Countries* that official graduation certificates’ issuance is delayed by several months or more can submit expected graduation certificates or provisional graduation certificates exceptionally. It applies only to those who have graduated within one year from the date of issuance of the Certificate of Admission.

* Countries where delayed issuance of high school/university (graduate) graduation certificates must be confirmed officially as a document from Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Israel, or other government documents.

3. All other details(dormitory, arrival, etc) will be announced soon.

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