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[2022 Spring Graduate school] Notification of Admission

[2022 Spring Graduate school] Notification of Admission

You can check your admission result at

※ Please refer to the attachment; How to search

※ Password: 10 digits - DOB(6digits) + last 4digits of your contact in your application

EX) 9107016444

※ If you cannot find your application number and password, please see the attachment(my application number & passoword). You can find your information with your passport number.

1. Check admission result. (Please check the bottom of above site)

- Successful candidates : “합격을 축하드립니다”

- Rejected candidates : “합격자 명단에 없습니다.”

- "자료에 없습니다. 수험번호와 비밀번호를 다시 확인하세요!"

If this message is displayed, please check your application number and password again.

2. Information on visa application, dormitory application, and so on will be announced only for students who have completed tuition payment.

3. Supplement on application documents

In case of students who submitted the expected graduate certificate, the students have to submit one of documents below before Tue, 1st February, 2022. If not, admission will be revoked.

- Apostille Certification,

- Confirmation(Verification) of Korean embassy,

- China academic degrees and graduate education development center(Chinese only)

◆ Before, during and after admission, if there is a problem with the document authenticity, eligibility, etc, admission will be revoked and the paid tuition will not be refunded.

4. Tuition Payment

- Tuition payment Period : 5th ~ 6th January, 2022, 09:00am ~ 16:00pm

- Account Information: Please check your individual invoice at the website and pay for your tuition to the Busan virtual bank account on the invoice.

- If you need an overseas remittance invoice, please send this invoice to

- If you don't pay the tuition fee during the above period, your admission will be revoked.

5. Visa Documents

- After you paid the tuition fee, please send the payment receipt and your exact address including postal code

and contact for receiving visa documents to the email(

- The visa documents will be prepared as soon as I get your email(receipt and address).

합격자조회(How to search) (1)
Download PDF • 153KB
수험번호 및 비밀번호 조회_My Application Number & Password
Download XLSX • 25KB
申请号和密码_My Application Number & Password
Download XLSX • 26KB

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