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[2021 Spring] Notification of Admission - IBM English Track for Undergraduates

[2021 Spring] Notification of Admission

IBM English Track for Undergraduates

■ Notification of Admission

You can check your admission result at the attachment [Notification of Admission]

1. Open the attachment

2. Submit your Application Number ex)G123456

3. Check your status

Successful Candidate / Reserve Candidate* / Unsuccessful Candidate

* If you have been selected as a reserve candidate, you may be able to become a successful candidate when successful candidates withdraw their admission. In that case, we will contact you individually.

■ Tuition Fee Payment

Tuition Fee Payment Period: 12th January, 2021, 9:00am ~ 13th January, 2021, 16:00pm

※ If you don't pay the tuition fee during the above period, your admission will be revoked.

1. You can print the tuition fee invoice from 8th January, 2021, 14:00pm

2. The invoice print link will be unloaded at 8th January, 2021, 14:00pm and you can print your tuition fee invoice via the link.

3. You can check your scholarship at the invoice.

4. If you need an overseas remittance invoice, please send your invoice to

■ Important Notes

1. The visa documents will be sent after your tuition fee payment is confirmed.

2. As visa issuance takes longer than usual, please send the tuition fee payment receipt as soon as possible to

3. When you send the receipt, please let me know your exact address including postal code and contact for receiving the visa documents.

4. Depending on the COVID19 situation, all the classes can be provided via online.

5. All other details(dormitory, arrival, etc) will be announced soon.

2021 Spring Notification of Admission -
Download • 80KB

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