2021 Global Korea Scholarship(GKS/KGSP)-Graduate Degrees Application Guideline

2021 Global Korea Scholarship(GKS/KGSP)

-Graduate Degrees Application Guideline

National Instiute of International Education(NIIED) has now opened the application procedure for the 2021 KGSP-Graduate scholarship program. For those who are interested, please apply according the instructions below.

1. Period: 2021.03.02.(Tue) ~ 2021.04.07.(Wed) 17:00 Korean Time

* Application documents MUST ARRIVE by the due date above

2. Reuirement and necessary documents: Please look at the attached guideline.

3. Notice

- We do NOT accept scanned copies via email.

- Applicants must send the application documents to the address below;

Lily Yang

Office of International Affairs

Dong-A University(Bumin Campus)

225 Gudukro Seogu, Busan, South Korea

Zip Code: 49236

Tel: +82-51-200-6442

- the application documetns MUST ARRIVE by 2021.04.07.(WED) 17:00 to the address above.

- All of the documents must be either original or scanned copies with official notarization or seal from the Korean embassy.

4. Contact:

- Office of International Affairs, Lily Yang (

Before application, please read the application guideline and FAQs carefully.

2021 GKS-G Application Guidelines (Korea
Download • 844KB
2021 GKS-G Application Guidelines (Engli
Download • 1.43MB
2021 GKS-G Application FAQs (ENGLISH-KOR
Download • 72KB
2021 GKS-G Application Forms
Download DOCX • 95KB

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