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New departments of Graduate school for International Students Open(English Track)

New departments of Graduate school for International Students Open(English Track)!

1. Public Policy and Public Relations(PPPR)

  • Public Policy and Public Relations (PPPR) is a graduate program designed to provide students with a general foundation in public, private and nonprofit workplaces and their political, economic, social and communicative environments

  • Course : MA, Phd

  • Major: Public Policy and Public Relations

  • Track: English Track

  • HP:

2. Smart Convergence Systems Engineering

  • Due to the recent 4th Industrial Revolution and the spread of smart factories, Domestic and foreign companies need excellent R&D personnel such as smart factory design, operation management, and R&D. Also, based on the phenomenon of convergence of various engineering major fields, It is a necessary situation to cultivate convergent talent. It is believed that opening a department that combines various engineering majors will expand the choice for students and maximize the effect of bachelor's management through the operation of convergence departments.

  • Course : MA, Phd, MA and Phd Combined Program

  • Major: Industrial&Management Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Computer Engineering

  • Track: English Track

※ For admission, please refer to the admission guidelines → click here

※ Both departments are provided only for international students.

※ For more information, please refer to the department brochures.

Brochure_Pulic Policy and Public Relations
Download PDF • 941KB
Brochure_Smart Convergence Systems Engineering
Download PDF • 254KB

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