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Graduate Admission


(M= Master’s program, D= Doctoral program, C= Combined Master's and Doctorate programs)

Q. Can I apply to Dong-A University as an international students?


  Yes. International students can apply to graduate program that has seats available for international applicants if s/he meets              admission requirements(Refer to “Eligibility”)

  You can find out which programs have seats available for international applicants (Refer to “Department Information” )

  If you do not have Korean language proficiency, you can take Korean language program first.

  (Refer to “Korean Language Program”)



Q. What is eligibility for graduate admission to Dong-A University?

  To be eligible for admission consideration, applicants must meed minimum requirements as below.


A. Nationality Standard

  - Applicant and both parents must be non-Korean citizens.

  - A Taiwanese applicant with one parent of Taiwanese citizenship is classified as an international student for application purpose       (Not available from Spring 2020 admission)


B. Academic Standard


1) Master’s Program

  - Bachelor's degree or equivalent


2) Doctoral Programs

  - Master's degree or equivalent


3) Combined Master's and Doctorate programs -

  - Applicant who applies for “Combined Master's and Doctorate programs” for his/her admission at the beginning.

  - Students are not required to write a thesis and admission fee for doctoral program will be exempted.


4) Combined Master's and Doctorate programs

  - Dong-A University student who are currently attending his/her 3rd or 4th semester in master’s program applies for “Combined         Master's and Doctorate programs”

  - Students are not required to write a separate Master’s Thesis. Doctoral degrees are generally awarded at the end of the program      (Master Degree will not be awarded separately)

  - Students are not required to write a thesis and admission fee for doctoral program will be exempted.

  ※ Important notes for Type 2

  1) Applicant must choose same major which s/he is currently studying

  2) Those who have already completed master’s program or who are currently taking a leave of absence in Dong-A university can              not apply for this admission.

  3) Successful candidates must not take a leave of absence by (2019. 9. 1)

  4) Need to submit certificate of enrollment and recommendation letter


C. Language Requirement


1) Korean Track

TOPIK level 3 or above

  - Applicants who apply for departments in the College of Natural Science and the College of Engineering whose medium of                   instruction is "Korean or English" can submit below English proficiency test score and can be awarded English proficiency test         score scholarship


2) English Track

① All applicants must have one of the following language test scores or higher












Language requirements can be exempted if the applicant falls under one of the following conditions

Applicant who has completed the secondary or higher education(undergraduate) in countries where their mother tongue language is English

- Applicant for Arts& Physical Education

※Above test results within two years from the test date will be accepted


Q. What is required application documents?

(M= Master’s program, D= Doctoral program, C= Combined Master's and Doctorate programs)

Q. How much does it cost to apply and how do I pay for it?


   Fees can be paid by KRW 50,000 or USD 50 for Master’s program and KRW 60,000 or USD 60 for Doctoral program or Combined MA     and Doctoral program.

   Bank account information will be provided on the payment information of the guideline.

Q. How much are tuition fees?


Q. What scholarships are available to international students?

A. International Student Scholarship(Language proficiency scholarship)










70% of


50% of


25% of


TOPIK level 5 or above(Korean track)

Applicant with TOEFL PBT 560, iBT 83, CEFR C1, TEPS 700, IELTS 6.5 or above

(English track or departments in the College of Natural Science and the College of Engineering whose medium of instruction is "Korean or English")

TOPIK level 4 (Korean track)

Applicant with TOEFL PBT 530, iBT 71, CEFR B2, TEPS 600, IELTS 5.5 or above

(English track or departments in the College of Natural Science and the College of Engineering whose medium of instruction is "Korean or English")

TOPIK level 3 (Korean track)

Those who are not applicable for scholarship Type B or Type C and recommended by department

(Only for those who are applying for Natural Science, Engineering, Arts or Sports)

※ Scholarship will be awarded to the international students who maintain GPA over 85/100 each semester during his/her full-time registration

※ If students submit higher grade in language scores after entering the university, a higher scholarship will be

    awarded from the next semester after submitting the new language score

※  Applicant who has completed his/her secondary or higher education(undergraduate) in the countries where

    their mother tongue language(Republic of South Africa, New Zealand, United States of America, Ireland,            United Kingdom, Canada, Australia) is English and will be interviewed to determine their scholarship.

B. Other on-campus scholarships




Brain Korea


Brain Korea


TA Scholarship

Working Scholarship

Need Based Scholarship

LA Scholarship

10~50% of tuition

50% of tuition

25~50% of tuition


300,000 /Month

Certain Amount

Full time graduate student who meets certain criteria from the department which runs BK program

Full time graduate students who participate in the projects with the professor in the department from the college of natural science or college of engineering

Students who are permitted to work on campus

Students with academic excellence and a financial need

- the number of grantees will be determined depending on the number of students and vacancies (From the second semester)

A graduate student who assists a professor

Scholarship recipients are selected by each department if necessary

※ Students are allowed to receive other on-campus scholarships with international students scholarship but the total of all scholarships cannot exceed the total amount of tuition

※ Details of scholarships are subject to change

Q. Can I apply for dormitory and how can I apply for it?


Dormitory will be avaliable for the applicant who has applied for “Dormitory Application” when making online application


We offer two types of dormitory to the international students





Room Type




Global House

(International student dorm)

A. Basic facilities: bed, desk, chair, drawer (mirror, shoe rack), LAN cable

B. Other facilities: cafeteria, lounge, internet cafe, laundry room, reading room, exercise room

A. Basic facilities: bed, desk, closet, shoe rack, storage closet, etc.

B. Other facilities: lounge (kitchenette), laundry room, prayer room, etc.




(6 months)

Not included

(Meal tickets

can be



room only




(6 months)

Not included

(Kitchenette available)

double room


occupancy is possible)

Dormitories are assigned by the International Affairs division. Students cannot select their dormitories.

The fees listed above are approximations based on the academic period. The entire fees may change based on your entry date.           The accurate cost of dormitory fees will be available on your entry date.

The dormitories do not include individual blankets. You can purchase the blankets upon entry, or you can also bring your                     blankets with you. However, the Seokdang Global House provides blanket rentals, so you can borrow blankets upon entry.

Seokdang Global House Homepage: http://globalhouse.donga.ac.kr


Hanlim Dormitory Homepage http://hanlim.donga.ac.kr/


Q. How can I apply for student(D-2) visa?


Applicants should apply for a student visa in their home country by themselves




You are eligible to apply for this visa if you are;


A person who plans to enroll for education of Bachelors, Masters, or Ph. D at a community college or above, or an academic institution established in accordance with the Higher Education Act or Special Act


How to Apply


Applicant submits visa application documents to Korean Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country (or area) of residence.


Documents to be submitted


① Visa Application Form, passport, a photo in a standard format, fee

② A copy of Business Registration Certificate (or Registration Number Certificate) of a respective education institute (Sent from          the university)

③ Standard Acceptance Letter* (issued by the university)

④ Original copy of document indicating the final level of education

⑤ Original copy of document proving your financial ability to support yourself (one-year tuition fee and the living expenses for a          year)

When submitting a parent's bank statement, family relation certificate is required to submit.


※ The head of Korean diplomatic missions abroad may request for additional documents depending on the condition of the                     country of residence/jurisdiction if it is deemed necessary for visa evaluation

※ An applicant needs to get a proper visa to study before the beginning of the semester. If not, we may cancel his/her admission           at our university.

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